Mattress Care

Caring For Your New Mattress Please, remember that purchasing a new mattress is not enough. You should also take care of it. First, unpack your new mattress and let it air out for 48 hours. Some odor from the manufacturing process will be noticeable when you first take the mattress out of the box.  Stick … Read more

Why Memory Foam?

What Can Memory Foam Do For You? Memory foam is a type of material used to make mattresses, pillows, and other soft surfaces. It is unique in that its conforming, contouring properties can provide deep pressure stimulation for the body. Pressure applied on your body by memory foam causes it to mold around you, reducing … Read more

Mattress Size Chart

Twin Size: The perfect bed for one adult or a child. Use this size in small rooms, dorms, vacation homes, etc. Also fits twin-size hi-risers and day beds! 38” x 75”. Twin Extra Long: Typically used in college dorm rooms. Provides extra length for tall individuals. 38” x 80”. Full or Double Size: This is … Read more